A label deactivator is a necessary component of any security solution requiring consumable labels. AMERSEC® offers multiple deactivation solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of retailers, including the possibility of scanner or self-operated POS integration.
The AM (Acousto-Magnetic) STANDARD deactivator is a full-featured device and includes audible and visual deactivation indications as well as a large deactivation zone with high-speed throughput. It is a smart device that can provide a full overview of deactivation activities, and is StoreMonitor compatible for fast remote maintenance and setup.

Options and features
• StoreMonitor data management
• Remote tuning/maintenance
• Event management
• Air synchronization
• Status and deactivation LED indicators
• POS scanner integration
• Deactivation range up to 18 cm
• Key lock
• Deactivation audio indication
• Compatibility with most AM systems and
labels on the market
System specification

A longer pad shape that has been designed to meet the demand for these commonly used dimensions. The pad fits flush-mount into a standard hole size. It is suitable for a range of retail environments including grocery, DIY, and hypermarkets.

Dimension 355 × 165 × 4 mm
Hole size 325 × 95 × 11 mm
Weight 0.7 kg
Cable lenght 1.5 m
Deactivation height 13 cm



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