Full-featured, powerful AM (AcoustoMagnetic) system designed with a focus on strong detection of adhesive labels, reliability, and fl exibility. The multi-pedestal AM Controller is an NG (Next Generation) product line that is suitable for any environment,  with a performance that ranks at the top of the retail security market.

The AM Controller combined with the CLASSIC 30 pedestals prove that an economical solution does not mean sacrificing performance or quality. The slim and space-saving design is ideal for stores that require only tag detection, without additional integrated features.

The CLASSIC 30 can be used as an advertising panel, or it can be installed as a transparent pedestal (CLASSIC 30X). It can also be connected to the StoreMonitor cloud or upgraded with wireless communication for easy data collection and maximum security.

Options and features

• Remote maintenance and diagnostics
• Wireless communication
• StoreMonitor connectivity
• Advertisement panel
• Power saving mode
• Additional alarm outputs
• Jammer detector
• Up to 6 pedestals powered with 1 Controller unit

Height 152.5 cm
Width 29.4 cm
Depth 5.2 cm
Weight 7.4 kg



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