As a family-run company since 1996, we commit to key values that reflect in our business relationships as well as within our company – we believe that an honest and open approach builds the strongest partnership and friendship. All is important here: top European quality of our products, quick and excellent service to our clients, ongoing development and constant improvement, and customized solutions. Over 20 years in the shoplifting prevention business has provided us valuable insight that is reflected in our product range. Our portfolio not only includes the latest technologies used for theft prevention and detection, but also offers an extensive choice of pedestal designs.

  • Advanced loss prevention systems
  • AM and RF technologies
  • Discrete solutions
  • Metal and Magnet detection
  • Integrated system solutions such as visitor counting and StoreMonitor
  • Deactivation products
  • Accessories and supplemental products

Our mission

Amersec monitors the latest loss prevention trends and offers its clients the best possible solution. This is possible thanks to our professional team constantly developing new products and supporting you via phone, skype, or email. Our production is fully based in the Czech Republic where our engineering team designs innovative systems and solutions. Our global sales department communicates with you to ensure that our products are successful for our clients, our logistics team will help you with your order and worldwide shipping and our technical support is always available for you. We invite partners to our premises and are able to arrange either on-site product training or in-depth education at our training facility. We care about our partners and clients, as they provide value to our brand.

  • 70 dealers in more than 50 countries worldwide
  • European production and extended warranty
  • 7 days worldwide delivery
  • Monday – Friday direct customer and technical support
  • Friendly and helpful approach

Quality matters

  • Design, Production, Assembly and Testing all based in Europe
  • 3 year product warranty
  • Experienced development team, original software solutions
  • Minimum of three quality checks for each product
  • Sourced materials are carefully tested
  • Internal and independent laboratory tests for product certification
  • Technical support by our trained engineers

We help others

AMERSEC® We help others
Children in Africa

We support education of children in Africa by Pro.

AMERSEC® We help others
Prague ZOO

Donation from June sales go to Prague ZOO to help recovery after the June 2013 floods.
AMERSEC® Job opportunity
Job opportunity

We welcome any skilled people who are as passionate about electronics, programming or international business relations as we are. Please send your resume to

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