Radio-Frequency Systems

AMERSEC® RF shoplifting prevention systems not only use the latest technology to protect your articles but also provide you with valuable online data and store activity information that can help you to maximize efficiency and increase profits of your business.

Our digital DUAL systems are an ideal solution for any boutique and can be supplied from 3.25 MHz to 10.5 MHz with 8.2 MHz being the most common frequency. These environment-friendly systems have a strong detection field between a minimum of two pedestals and feature all of the latest developments. Upgrade them with AMERSEC® integrated solutions to provide the best possible complete security for your store.

Our single pedestal MONO systems feature a detection field on both sides of the pedestal making them a popular choice for supermarkets with checkouts. The MONO also offers a reliable solution for a store with limited space at the entrance. AMERSEC® offers MONO systems in any frequency from 1.8MHz to 10.5MHz with 8.2 MHz being the most common frequency.